MOEF extends Environmental Clearance for Honnavar Port by yet another year

Community Press Release

State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority of Karnataka has used all possible legal provisions and work arounds to extended environmental clearance for Honnavar Port by year another year.

Below are the notes from Page no 115 to 119 of proceeds of the meeting held on 4th September 2023.

As per the MoEF&CC’s Office Memorandum dated 13.12.2022, for projects other than River valley, Nuclear, and Mining projects, the standard EC validity is 7 years. Additionally, there is an option for a further extension of 3 years and one more additional extension of 1 year, resulting in a maximum total validity of 7+3+l = 11 years. Therefore, it is permissible to extend the validity of the EC until 20.09.2024 (Considering Covid relaxation).

However, in accordance with the recent amendments and various orders mentioned above, the Authority decided to extend the validity for one more year i.e upto 20.09.2024 (considering Covid relaxation).

The Authority duly considered the request made by the project proponent to consider the extension of validity of EC for 3 years on the basis of dies non principle. It is to be noted that the Member Secretary of SEIAA has already addressed a letter to MOEF&CC vide No SEIAA 22 IND 2011 dated. l2/04/2023 in this regard. As the project proponent has made another representation citing the same matter the Authority decided to address a letter to MOEFECC (Policy Division) with respect to applicability of extension of validity on the basis of dies non principle and opined that decision can be taken in this regard on the basis of receipt of appropriate directions from MOEF & CC.

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